Dr Martens


To help Dr Marten’s translate the monthly cross-platform creative theme into their 19 UK stores plus Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris and Antwerp stores.


From product prototyping to rollout we needed to apply a degree of lateral thinking. From a solid understanding of their brand values we introduced strong materials, vibrant colours and sound technical knowledge to create real pavement appeal and a memorable shopper and brand experience. We had to produce POS that was easy to change by store staff without compromising the look or feel of the promotion. The suite of products which bring the window spaces to life included high impact hanging graphics, window vinyls and display plinths as well as ad-hoc seasonal in-store collateral.


A more engaging brand experience. We now work to a monthly rotation of printing, collating and packing delivering unique, store specific packs across 24 stores in 6 markets.